giovedì 16 settembre 2010

Bambuca...and you are glamour

Today is an important day for our blog.
You are realizing that this post is the first one in english.
I'd like to speak about a creative girl who lives in Texas.
Her name is Hanne Carlisle and her project is Bambuca.
i knew her some days ago during an amazing chat on
i immediatly tooke liking to her by her love to Rome.
It was easy because i love Rome too.
We spoke about our life, our experience on etsy and just after this
i came inside her shop. i fall in love immediatly of her bags.
She loves her work and all her items are made with lots of love from her own design.
You can also contact her any request about different color or size.
Well, i'm speaking a lot. Let you give a look to her shop, it's so interesting.

shop | facebook

mbè? design

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